Connecting Local Generosity with Local Needs

Getting Started

Five Easy Steps...

1. Think about your goals:

What’s important to you? What kind of impact do you want to make in the community? How do want to be remembered? Often a conversation with your family is the best way to start thinking about a charitable plan.

2. Decide when to give:

We can help you decide if it would be most appropriate to establish a fund now and make a sizeable donation, or to set up recurring payments, to benefit specifically when needed through the year. Other options are through your will or a charitable remainder trust which provides lifetime income to you and/or other persons and then transfers the remaining assets to your fund at the Foundation when the trust terminates.

3. Decide what to give:

Most people give stock or cash, but you may prefer to give real estate, an interest in a family business, artwork, or other property. We can talk to you about the different kinds of assets you can use to start a fund now.

4. Talk with us about how to give:

There are options for giving now with donor advised funds or for giving later with bequests and charitable remainder trusts. You can even do both. Learn about types of funds here.

5. Choose what you want to support:

When you establish your fund, you can recommend that grants be made to organizations that interest you. The Foundation takes care of all administrative details. We also ensure that groups meet accepted criteria for fiscal responsibility, and are able to fulfill the purpose of the grant and fit the mission of the Foundation.