Discovery Bay Skatepark

discovery bay skateboard park

Photo with permission of American Ramp Company

The Discovery Bay Community Foundation is actively working to build a skatepark in Discovery Bay. Under the foundation's Teen Life Outreach grant program, the skatepark will be funded from donations, sponsors and events. Three concerts have been held with a portion of the proceeds earmarked for the skatepark, and there are plans for co-op fundraisers with many of the community businesses and organizations. Grants are also being sought to offset the costs for maintenance, insurance and operations. SKATEBOARD PLAN PACKAGE

Discovery Bay Community Foundation explores skate park options

Reprint of story in the Discovery Bay Press, by Dawnmarie Fehr, Correspondent - Aug 13, 2015

While skateboarding is just a hobby for some, for others it’s a lifestyle – and Discovery Bay may soon be enjoying it. Residents of the town recently spoke up at the town’s Community Services District (CSD) Board of Directors meeting in support of building a skate park in the local community center. The Discovery Bay Community Foundation (DBCF), founded by Jim Mattison, is currently the driving force behind the concept, but Mattison was clear about his intentions for the evening’s meeting.

“We are just here to get the board to recognize the idea that the town needs this,” said Mattison. “Then, the foundation can start looking at how to get it there. This will keep it secure and protected from vandals, and we won’t have people hanging out there all night.”

This is not the first discussion of a skate park in Discovery Bay. “I’ve been hearing about this (skate park) forever,” said Skyler Ross, a longtime Discovery Bay resident. “The idea missed me, but I hope it can happen now. My little brother would love it.”

Mattison agreed that parents and kids alike have been hoping for a skate park since before he moved here in 1997, but no one stepped up to take the idea forward. “That’s what the foundation is for,” said Mattison. “We’re going to look into all the different aspects - cost, maintenance and insurance - and come back to the board with a plan. Tonight, we just needed the go-ahead from them.”

Todd Howe, town resident and lifelong skater, felt a place for the kids to gather and practice was necessary. “This is a good option for kids who don’t like to play team sports,” said Howe. “(It) gets them outside and encouraging each other.” Two other residents who spoke were especially eager; twelve-year-olds Spencer Ross and Brandon Gordon said they would like a place where they feel safe. “Other (skate) parks are far away and not in good areas,” Ross explained. Added Gordon, “It would be good to have something close by.”

In addition to those who spoke up for the skate park, Mattison came armed with a letter from Debbie Burnette, superintendent of the Byron Unified School District. “I strongly support the building of a skateboard park in Discovery Bay … this would be a safe way for students to exercise and to express themselves in a healthy way,” read Mattison from Burnette’s letter. In the face of this support, along with 150 signatures Mattison collected in favor of a skate park, the board gave its support, although CSD Vice President Bill Pease recommended caution. “We need to be realistic,” said Pease. “The question I would have is where will the funding come from? If the DBCF could come up with some plans and a feasibility study, I think that would help.”

CSD Director Kevin Graves was positive. “Things we don’t expect to have happen, can happen, like the community center,” said Graves. “I would give my support to having this move forward and see if it can become a reality.”